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Most natural, versatile, lightweight and undeniably gorgeous...just a few ways to describe the incomparable, brilliantly crafted wigs created by High Definition Hair®

High Definition Wigs® are made with a specially developed, patent pending prosthetic scalp replica that matches your exact scalp color. This breakthrough scalp replication process offers a completely untraceable unit that can be parted anywhere you'd like and mimics aspects of your natural hair...but even better!

Aside from the unparalleled level of versatility and absolutely undetectable construction, what separates High Definition Wigs® from the rest are their low-maintenance application--NO GLUE OR TAPE IS NEEDED and NO THREAD IS NECESSARY because each handcrafted unit is built out to each individual's specific head dimensions, following their hairline, so it fits like a glove. Whether someone is completely bald, or have 18 inches black hair, the wigs are built to address each individual client's specific needs.

If nothing but the best will do, a High Definition Hair® wig is perfect for you!

High Definition Wigs®
Deemed a
"Health Accessory"

Experiencing medically related hair loss can be a very stressful thing to handle during an already overwhelming and difficult time. The thought of losing your hair can be a mentally crushing blow that takes a HUGE toll on your overall emotional state but it doesn't have to be, thanks to the masterfully crafted wigs made by High Definition Hair®.

For cancer patients, High Definition Wigs® are deemed a health accessory by some doctors we work with since it provides their patients a healthy image of themselves. They can look in the mirror and don't feel as sick since they don't look sick. Looking healthy can equal feeling healthier, which can help someone with cancer feel more upbeat and have a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Defying all of the common myths associated with wearing medical wigs, High Definition Hair® construct the most comfortable, lightweight and undetectable hair replacements on the market. They mimic the pattern of hair growing naturally from the scalp and are constructed with a one of a kind scalp replica- specially made to match your exact scalp color. This allows the wigs to be parted and styled WHEREVER and HOWEVER you'd like, giving you all the versatility you had with your natural hair, and in some cases EVEN MORE.

A good natural looking wig can also be a health accessory for women who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Many women do not exercise as often as they would if they didn’t have to worry about having to have a wig re-glued and taped, or ruining an expensive blow out or costly time-consuming hair extensions. With a High Definition Wig, you just simply remove it to wash your own hair, and put it right back on before you leave the gym!

We understand your delicate circumstance as we've worked with many clients in situations similar to your own. We are equipped to handle YOUR specific needs with the dignity and sensitivity YOU deserve.

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You won't believe they are wearing wigs.


We have a price range for you.

Each handcrafted High Definition Wig® is custom fit and made to order so prices vary. An in-person consultation is required to determine exact price, but prices typically range between $2500-$6000. A minimum 35% deposit is required to begin construction on all orders. Wigs are built to last between 3-5 years with daily wear with proper care. All major credit cards accepted.

For more information please contact us at 1-866-800-2177 or at studio@highdefinitionhair.com.

High Definition Hair
Most Frequently Asked Questions

What's so different about High Definition Wigs®
High Definition Wigs® differ from Lace Wigs in every way possible-from fit and construction to application, appearance and longevity.

Unlike our competitors, we're not a vendor or salon selling wigs out of boxes or off of shelves. We are actual manufacturers, with a background in theater, film and television. Building hairpieces is all we do. We don't try to tweak, or cut out hairlines of pre-manufactured pieces to plaster or sew to the heads of our clients. So our wigs differ in every way possible-from fit and construction to application, appearance and longevity. Let us explain:

  • Fit
    From scratch, our wigs are constructed on a virtual copy of each client's head, built out to their specific head dimensions and hairline, so they come out fitting like second skin or a glove. The wigs lay completely flat to the face on their own without any adhesive, tape or thread, for a look so natural, they go virtually undetected, even to other wig makers. With lace wigs, typically they are available in "standard" sizes, and even the “custom” ones do not follow the clients hairline properly with a transitional density that blends the unit into the clients face.
  • Construction
    As far as construction, High Definition Wigs® are individually handcrafted in the USA by our skilled technicians. Most lace wigs are manufactured in bulk overseas.
  • Application
    As a result of our customized construction process, our wigs are applied without the use of glue, tape or thread, therefore causing no damage whatsoever to your natural hair. Lace wigs require glue, tape or thread in order to be secured to a wearer's head.
  • Appearance
    High Definition Hair® wigs feature our one-of-a-kind scalp replica which is designed to match your exact scalp color which makes the unit completely undetectable and allows you to part and style it anyway you want with the appearance of a natural scalp. The netting used as the base of a lace wig can be dyed or covered with makeup to create a scalp-like effect but a natural looking match cannot be achieved.
  • Longevity
    With proper maintenance, High Definition Wigs® typically last between 3-5 years with everyday wear. Lace wigs generally need to be replaced at least once, if not 2-3 times per year.

Can I supply my own hair?
Yes! Clients can have their units constructed out of hair donated by relatives or friends. We also encourage clients to supply their own hair if they have a particular type of hair they are accustomed to and know how to work with. The cost of the hair is then deducted out of the total cost of the order.

How do the wigs stay on without the use of glue, tape or thread?
High Definition Wigs® are specially constructed to fit your head like a glove and only require the use of hairpins for additional securing. The price not only includes any cutting and styling desired, more importantly, it also includes a final 90-minute consultation demonstrating proper wear and care of the wig. So clients leave our facility completely capable of caring for their own pieces. Our clients only see stylist to care for their own natural hair.

What is the process?
Clients come in for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss our construction methods, hair specifications and price options. If the client is ready to proceed with placing an order, 35% - 50% deposit is rendered, then client undergoes fitting. After a 6-12 week turnaround, clients are notified to come back in for the final 90 minute consultation where the wig is cut and styled if desired, and proper wear & care is demonstrated then final payment is rendered.

Announcing Our New
Virtual Consultation Service

Can't get to either our DC or NYC locations for a consultation? NO PROBLEM!
High Definition Hair now offers virtual consultations via video chat!

Before, clients had to come in to be fitted in person to place an order. Now you can see our high definition wigs up close on live video and witness the unmatched versatility that they offer wherever you are. Get the process started from the comfort of home!

For $45, clients can begin with a 30-minute video chat consultation via Skype or Facetime. Then should the client want to proceed with placing an order, an additional fee is rendered for a kit to be sent out to the client so a fitting can be done under our supervision via video chat. (All fees are credited towards any order placed)

Order and Pay for your Virtual Consultation here.

Once the order specs are confirmed, the remainder of the deposit is rendered and the fitting is done, the kit is then shipped back to our studio. After a 6-12 week turnaround, clients are notified to come in for their final 90 minute consultation in person where the unit is cut and styled if desired, modifications are made if necessary, and proper wear & care is demonstrated before final payment is rendered.

All you need is the Skype application or Facetime for PC / Facetime for Mac. Click on links to download.

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