Wigs for Chemotheraphy Patients / Wigs for Cancer Patients

Wigs for Chemotheraphy Patients

Our mission is to provide you with helpful information and excellent solutions for quality Chemotheraphy wigs that are needed for hair loss while having chemotherapy, radiation or other medical treatments. Our Chemotheraphy Wigs can help you lead a normal life style. Chemotherapy consists of the administration of drugs that destroy rapidly reproducing cancer cells. Cancer cells are some of the most rapidly reproducing cells in the body, but other cells, such as those which contribute to the formulation of hair shafts and nails, are also rapidly reproducing. Unfortunately, while chemotherapy drugs preferentially destroy cancer cells, the drugs also can destroy those cells responsible for normal growth of hair and nails. Cancer patients sometimes shed their hair and nails during treatment. Chemotherapy drugs are poisonous to the cells of the hair root responsible for the hair shaft formation. Usually, the hair is lost rapidly in large quantities during treatment. No hair growth stimulates, shampoos, conditioners or other cosmetic treatments can prevent or retard the hair loss. The good news, however, is that once chemotherapy is complete, the hair usually grows back. Let us find the best Chemotheraphy Wig for you today.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

Everyone has a different experience dealing with hair loss, but the feelings we share are the same. Hair loss has an impact on your self-image and self-esteem. Beautiful, yet comfortable wigs for cancer patients can help boost confidence and regain some sense of normalcy. Our wigs for cancer patients are just one of the many helpful aids that make a difference for people going through an often grueling and difficult time.