Chemotherapy Wigs for Cancer Treatment Related Hair Loss!

What is Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, often abbreviated to chemo, is a form of cancer treatment. Chemo uses anti-cancer drugs, known as chemotherapeutic agents, that are part of a standardize regime. These chemotherapeutic agents act by killing rapidly dividing cells, which is one of the main properties of cancer cells. However, this means that chemotherapy will also kill cells that rapidly divide under normal circumstances. Resulting in one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy, hair loss!

Chemotherapy and Wigs for Cancer Patients

After finishing chemotherapy, an individual's hair may start to grow back in. However, it may not always grow back the same. Often, it can grow back fragile and much thinner and may even take years before it ever grows back in like it once was. It can be extremely vital for some patients to maintain their appearance as they lose their hair throughout the course of chemotherapy treatment, though quite difficult to find a natural looking hairpiece to do so.

There are many chemo wigs available to cancer patients for free of charge, but many find them practically useless. Wearing a wig that looks significantly different from one's own natural hair, or that noticeably changes one's appearance, only serves to draw attention to their illness.

Custom Wigs for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, a good natural looking wig is deemed a health accessory by some doctors. Custom wigs can provide patients with a healthy image of themselves. We at High Definition Hair build our custom wigs to virtually replicate anyone's hair. We can match length, color, texture, and even density to be worn in a ponytail or even braided! Our custom wigs mimic the natural growth pattern of your hair. They are constructed with a one of a kind scalp replica – specifically made to match your exact scalp color, which allows the wig to be worn in many different styles.

Experiencing hair loss from undergoing chemotherapy can be a very difficult thing to handle. At High Definition Hair, we understand your situation, as we have worked with many patients also experiencing treatment related hair loss. You should not be constantly reminded of your illness, because a custom wig from High Definition Hair for those undergoing chemotherapy can help with the healing process.