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Lace wigs are nothing new. They have been around since the 1970s at least. Originally developed for theatre, film and television, they are usually custom built on a mold of he customers head for a true and proper fit. This is why many are disappointed when they order lace wigs online or through salons. The material does not stretch like the traditional machine made wigs that we are all familiar with. However when done properly, lace wigs produce a much more natural look than machine made wigs.

However, because of the increasing popularity of HDTV, along with the increasing resolution of film and digital photography, lace wigs needed to be taken a step further . . . High Definition Wigs®.

High Definition Hair® specializes in the construction of custom, hand-made High Definition Wigs® that are so realistic, they go virtually undetected and unnoticed, even to the "trained" eye. Long lasting and durable, our human hair wigs are constructed with only the finest Indian or Russian human hair on the market for a free flowing, non-tangled movement and feel, meaning the hair does not clump together like most wigs.

What makes our wigs unique is the hairline surrounding the face. Observe the photos throughout the site. Everyone featured are wearing High Definition Wigs® or hair systems. What also makes them unique is the fact they are removable. We do not glue or sew wigs to heads of our clients. Because they are custom manufactured, the wigs lay flat to the face on their own. We only use hairpins to keep them in place.

Most wigs are detectable because there is too much hair in the wig, not to mention the extremely unnatural look of the overly thick hairlines surrounding the face. Our wigs usually contain about half the hair of the average wig. Real, natural hair is not dense. Light should always be able to penetrate through it.

Our wigs are the only wigs that can be worn in public with the hair pulled back away from the face, even in tight ponytails, without the need for bangs! They can be parted and worn in just about any style imaginable, even cornrows!

Don't use and abuse your hair for your profession or an everyday styled look. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and start protecting your hair!