Medical Wigs & Wigs for cancer patients are made from real human hair!

Deemed a "Health Accessory"

Experiencing medically related hair loss can be a very stressful thing to handle during an already overwhelming and difficult time. The thought of losing your hair can be a mentally crushing blow that takes a HUGE toll on your overall emotional state but it doesn't have to be, thanks to the masterfully crafted wigs made by High Definition Hair®.

Medical Wigs for cancer patients

High Definition Medical Wigs® are deemed a health accessory by some doctors we work with since it provides their patients a healthy image of themselves. They can look in the mirror and don't feel as sick since they don't look sick. Looking healthy can equal feeling healthier, which can help someone with cancer feel more upbeat and have a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Defying all of the common myths associated with wearing medical wigs, High Definition Hair® construct the most comfortable, lightweight and undetectable hair replacements on the market. They mimic the pattern of hair growing naturally from the scalp and are constructed with a one of a kind scalp replica- specially made to match your exact scalp color. This allows the wigs to be parted and styled WHEREVER and HOWEVER you'd like, giving you all the versatility you had with your natural hair, and in some cases EVEN MORE.

A good natural looking wig can also be a health accessory for women who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Many women do not exercise as often as they would if they didn’t have to worry about having to have a wig re-glued and taped, or ruining an expensive blow out or costly time-consuming hair extensions. With a High Definition Wig, you just simply remove it to wash your own hair, and put it right back on before you leave the gym!

We understand your delicate circumstance as we've worked with many clients in situations similar to your own. We are equipped to handle YOUR specific needs with the dignity and sensitivity YOU deserve.