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What's so different about High Definition Wigs®?

Our wigs and hairpieces differ from Lace Wigs in every way possible. Check us out on instagram!

Unlike our competitors, we're not stylists, a vendor or salon selling wigs out of boxes or off of shelves. We are an actual manufacturer, with a background in theater, film and television. Building wigs and hairpieces is all we do. We don't cut out hairlines of pre-manufactured pieces to gel or plaster to the faces of our clients. Our wigs differ in every way possible. Let us explain:

  • Fit
    From scratch, our wigs are constructed on a virtual copy of each client's head, built out to their specific head dimensions and hairline, so they come out fitting like second skin or a glove. The wigs lay completely flat to the face on their own without any gel, adhesive, tape or thread, for a look so natural, they go virtually undetected, even to other wig makers. With lace wigs, typically they are available in standard sizes, and even the "custom" ones require a lot of gel and/or adhesive to get a somewhat natural looking appearance.
  • Construction
    As far as construction, High Definition Wigs® are individually handcrafted in the USA by our skilled technicians. Most lace wigs are manufactured in bulk overseas.
  • Application
    As a result of our customized construction process, our wigs are applied without the use of glue, tape or thread, therefore causing no damage whatsoever to your natural hair. Lace wigs require glue, tape or thread in order to be secured to a wearer's head.
  • Appearance
    High Definition Hair® wigs feature our one-of-a-kind scalp replica which is designed to match your exact scalp color which makes the unit undetectable and allows you to part and style it anyway you want with the appearance of a natural scalp. Unlike lace wigs, our wigs do not need makeshift paint and make-up techniques stylist's typically employ to make natural looking parts.
  • Longevity
    With proper maintenance, High Definition Wigs® typically last between 3-5 years with everyday wear. Lace wigs generally need to be replaced at least once, if not 2-3 times or more, per year.
Handmade and ready to go. Seamless, natural looking wigs

Do you make toppers?

We make toppers for partial coverage. However they do not function like our full coverage pieces as they have to be clipped, sewn or adhere to the head, which is not healthy for the piece or more importantly, your hair. Not to mention, styling is very limited with toppers compared to wigs. So while we make them, we don’t feature them for those reasons mentioned. Full coverage pieces are the best because they don’t have to be attached to the head. Thus , there’s nothing holding on your hair to cause breakage, or worse, follicular hair loss by gradual thinning. Our toppers start at $1700, invoices usually average around $2800 give or take.

Can I supply my own hair?

Yes! Clients can have their units constructed out of hair donated by relatives or friends. We also encourage clients to supply their own hair if they have a particular type of hair they are accustomed to and know how to work with. The cost of the hair is then deducted out of the total cost of the order.

What are "AS-IS" pieces?

So the way our sales work, pieces available are posted in an Instagram highlight titled “SALE”, where most of the pieces are being sold as they are, hence the term “ AS-IS” that follows the sale price in green. Because these pieces are built for specific individuals, the hair specs, cap construction and cap sizes are all over the place, so 90% of the time, clients typically need modifications for pieces to look and fit as desired. We can tell existing clients right away if a piece will work for them or not. For non-existing clients, it’s better for them to come in and try on, or, have the piece shipped to them to try on, THEN if they like it, request modifications which is billed separately. If a client doesn’t think the piece will work for them, they can send it back within 7 calendar days of receipt for a full refund, less any shipping costs.

Do you offer classes?

What we do is not something one can pull off on their own. We have over 30 people divided across 7-8 different queues that the orders must pass through before they finally get to a client. And everyone is specially trained for their queue, whether it’s stuffing molds, cap construction, fabricating scalp replicas etc.. So it’s not really something that one can pull off on their own. At least not in volume anyway… We recommend learning techniques on YouTube that can be employed by one person if you don’t have a full staff to assist you. That’s the best advice we can offer.

Do I have to come pick up my order in person?

Only if clients are willing to sign a waiver releasing HDH from any liability and shipping fees associated with the construction, modifications and revisions of a piece, we will work with clients without requiring them to come in at all. On occasion we do work with clients internationally who do not want to come in at all to place or pick up orders in person. However, those are the ones who sign the waiver and cover any shipping cost involved with the piece going back-and-forth for modifications or revisions until they’re satisfied.

Do you offer wholesale?

The way we work with businesses is first they have to have an professional established brick and mortar location. Then someone has to be trained on how to do consultations & fittings, which is free. The business must order at least two wigs- one for the person doing the consultations and fittings, and a 2nd wig for prospective clients to try on. We want clients to know what theyre getting involved with, then we want the person doing consultations & fittings to know how to answer questions and address issues from wearing the wig themselves occasionally, if not everyday. Lastly, businesses must buy and maintain a kit ($750) that contains everything needed to place orders, such as molding materials, texture and color swatches, scalp color samples etc. So it’s an upfront investment of at least $8k total, (depending on the specifications of the 2 wigs you get) but then businesses can order pieces from us at 30% discount and sell them for however much they believe their market would command. Some businesses charge almost double what we charge, while others charge less than us. So it’s up to each individual business what they want to sell pieces for.

Whats the difference between your Ultra High Definition Wigs and High Definition Wigs?

Ultra high definition just means the knots where the hairs are tied to the lace are virtually the same color as the scalp for the most natural look possible. With regular high definition, the knots are the same color as the hair so if the scalp is much lighter or darker than the hair, (ie. jet black hair against a pale white scalp, or white hair against a really dark scalp) things don’t look quite as natural.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, we do. We always advise that clients reach out to their insurance company first to see what kind of coverage they have because coverage varies from individual policy to individual policy under the same insurance carrier. And we’re always considered out of network. So make sure you have out of network coverage as well because, often that’s a different level of coverage. Then you have get a doctor, like a dermatologist or oncologist to write you a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis”. We don’t begin construction on an order without some form of payment, whether we wait on a check from the insurance company or the client put the deposit themselves on a credit card and wait to be reimbursed by insurance.

What do the percentages mean when you describe your units?

When you see percentages or the word “crown”, that just means the portion of the week that is of a scalp replica if it says "crown", that means there's only scalp in the Crown. If it says 25%, 50% etc. that means how much from the hairline ear to ear the scout goes back into the wig.

Who are you?

We are a boutique wig manufacturer based in downtown Washington DC, with a salon in New York City. We specialize in the custom construction of high definition wigs and hairpieces for both men and women.

How much does a unit cost?

Hi there, thanks for your interest! Our pieces start at $2900, with 35%-50% being required upfront to begin construction and balance due upon delivery of the order. Currently, orders are running for 12 weeks due to pandemic-related issues and an influx of orders earlier this year. But we’re working hard to catch up!

How does the process work?

The way things work with us is clients set up a consultation for us to see the look they’re going for, they are then given a quote based upon that look. 35% - 50% deposit is rendered, then they undergo a wig fitting, which includes making a mold of their head, taking measurements and mixing up a custom scalp color sample. Clients come in 3-12 weeks later for a final fitting, cut and style if desired, but most important, a final consultation where proper wear and care is demonstrated. Then clients render final balance. From that point on, we see clients about once every year or two for routine upkeep and maintenance, which is billed separately at a small fraction of the overall cost.

Is there a virtual consultation?

clients can get their orders started remotely via our Virtual Consultation Process. Kits containing everything needed to place an order, such as color swatches, texture swatches, scalp color samples, molding materials etc, are shipped to clients so they can do consultations via video chat, such as FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype etc. However, you will still have to travel to the studio to pick up your order in person as a first time client to make sure everything used to create the order works. After that clients can place as many orders as they want, from wherever they are, without ever having to be seen again. So when placing orders, clients can visit in person one of our brick-and-mortar locations TWICE- once for an initial consultation, and then again for the final fitting and consultation when they take delivery of the order. OR… clients can get an order started remotely with a virtual consultation, but will have to pick up the order in person at our studio in Washington DC. First time client must pick up their orders in person for their first order. After the first order, clients can move anywhere across the globe and place as many orders as desired without ever having to visit our location in person again.

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Handmade and ready to go. Seamless, natural looking wigs

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