"3 weeks, or 3 months"

Before, clients had to wait 3 months for their orders, but now you can get a masterpiece in as little as 3 weeks! We have pieces semi-made in the most popular length, texture and color combinations typically ordered, they’re just not finished…

They’re waiting to be finished up on YOU! On a mold of your head, to your measurements, with your very own scalp color! So now you can get something in 3 weeks! Or wait 3 months for something built from scratch anyway you like! Check us out here on instagram!

our process

The way things work is clients set up a consultation for us to see the look theyre going for, they are then given a quote based upon that look. 50% deposit is rendered, then they undergo a wig fitting, which includes making a mold of their head, taking measurements and mixing up custom scalp color sample. Clients come in 3-14 weeks later for final fitting, cut and style if desired, but most important, a final consultation where proper wear and care is demonstrated.

However, clients can get their orders started remotely via our Virtual Consultation process.

After the final consultation, clients render final balance. From that point on, we see clients about once every year or two for routine upkeep and maintenance, which is billed separately at a small fraction of the overall cost.

What is unique to High Definition Hair and what makes our wigs more versatile than any other wig in the industry is our patent pending scalp replicas that are custom tinted to each clients individual skin tone and complexion.

It allows our wigs to be parted through without the need for makeshift paint or make-up techniques stylists typically employ to mimic a natural looking scalp.


Each hand-crafted unit is customized to your individual head dimensions and measurements, so it follows your hairline and fits like a glove.

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