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GIVEAWAY WINNER from High Definition Hair

Meet Chloe, our 1st Giveaway Winner! Watch her story and learn why she was chosen by our staff out of dozens of entries to receive a free new wig. We do giveaways quarterly so follow us on Instagram to enter!

DISASTER AVERTED from High Definition Hair

Our 2nd Reel we made for social media depicting a situation that seldom happens... We discover at the last minute someone's order is not quite right. A lot of this is a bit dramatized, but the sentiment is the same!

OUR VERY FIRST REEL from High Definition Hair

This is our very first TikTok reel that we made for social media. Though it draws a contrast between our wigs and other wigs in the industry, see what makes our wigs so unique and special.

Amy's Review of Her New Wig from High Definition Hair

Meet Amy! See why we envy and admire her so much for her inner strength and confidence. Check out her experience with her new wig and how she has dealt with alopecia.

Sarah's Story from High Definition Hair

Listen to Sarah's Story and how a wig has helped her get her life back on track. Sarah suffers from medical hair loss and before hooking up with us, started to lose her confidence and sense of well being as a result of ineffective solutions she tried time and time again.

Don't Be Scared of the Water from High Definition Hair

Get wet this summer, don’t be scared of the water! With our #WIG, you can be ready for the warmer months ahead! Splash around at the pool and #beach this summer looking your absolute best!

No "install" required! from High Definition Hair

No "install" required, it’s #DIY, #DoItYourself ladies! #NoGlue, #noTape or "Got2b" is needed for our pieces. Not even that elastic strap people add to the back! This is when a #wig is truly custom built to your actual head dimensions that follows your hairline.

Water?!?! No worries! from High Definition Hair

Did anyone say pool party? Be prepared for anything that comes your way during the summer with one of our custom wigs. No "install" necessary. Put our wigs on and take them off yourself without any need for a stylist and look totally natural wet or dry!

Excercise Without Hair Worries from High Definition Hair

Many women don’t exercise as much as they would like to because of their hair.

Wig Care Instructional Video from High Definition Hair

How to brush and care for your next amazing High Definition Hair piece.

A Short Wig Recycle Store from High Definition Hair

Recycling a $5000 Follea wig into a state of the art High Definition Hair masterpeice.

High Definition Hair Testimonial from High Definition Hair

Kaylee talks about her difficulties living with alopecia..

Old Throwback Intro Video from High Definition Hair

Old throwback video from back in 2010 when we 1st started our New York City location. We loved working with Dina!

A 'For Healthy Image' Testimonial from High Definition Hair

Client talks about why custom constructed natural looking wigs are needed in the cancer community.

High Definition Hair Promo Video from High Definition Hair

See wigs on models from website during and behind the scenes of photoshoot.

How Our Wigs Are Different from High Definition Hair

Check out this promo video explaining what makes our wigs so unique and amazing!

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