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virtual consultations

Can't get to either our London, Washington or NYC locations for a wig consultation? NO PROBLEM!

virtual consultations
via video chat!

You can see our high definition wigs up close on live video and witness the unmatched versatility that they offer from wherever you are. Get the process started from the comfort of your home!

Kits containing everything needed to place an order, such as color swatches, texture swatches, scalp color samples, molding materials etc, are shipped to clients so they can place their orders remotely via video chat, such as facetime, WhatApp, Skype or Facebook messenger etc.

However, U.S. clients will still have to travel to Washington D.C. to pick up their orders in person. U.K. clients have the choice to pick up their orders in London or Washington DC. After that clients can place as many orders as they want, from wherever they are, without ever having to be seen again. (All fees are credited towards any order placed)

Set up your Virtual Consultation by calling us Toll Free at (800) 758-9085, Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm, or +44-20-3885-3488. Or email us at studio@highdefinitionhair.com.

All you need is the ability to video chat! Most use Facetime on apple devices, or whatsapp or Skype on Droids and Windows devices. But we also videochat on other platforms as well!

Handmade and ready to go. Seamless, natural looking wigs

The way the process begins is clients provide a credit card for shipping and for us to place a temporary hold on for the value of the kit ($749 or uk equivalent in pounds) to ensure it's safe return. Upon receipt of the kit, clients schedule an appointment with the studio for the consultation.

We just need to see the look you're going for, and you're provided with a quote based on that look. 35% minimum deposit is rendered via credit card, then you undergo a wig fitting, which includes making a mold of your head taking measurements and picking out a custom scalp color sample.

3-14 weeks later, clients travel to Washington DC or London for final fitting (no exceptions for 1st time clients), then cut and style if desired. But most important, a final consultation where proper wear and care is demonstrated. Then clients render their final balance.


STARTING AT $3200 (US) / £2900 (UK)

Ready To Get Started? Click Here To Set Up A Virtual Consultation!